Sequel to the prequel

I once said I’d talk about Collins and Disney. Let’s try this again, shall we?

A) I like Collins a lot.

B) Collins is short for Collins Living Learning Center (CLLC).

C) Nobody calls Collins “CLLC” here.

D) It is a Hogwarts-looking hippie dorm.

E) Why hippie?

  1. Collins officially has the healthiest, vegan-friendly menu in their dining hall. And they serve good shits (sometimes).
    a. It’s pretty sad, actually, when I think about the dorm food of all the other American campuses.
  2. We recycle everything from beer cans to assignment sheets, except leftover Panda Express.
  3. We have courses where you can get credit for sleepingmeditating.
  4. I’ll bet you all $1500 of my meal points that at least 50% of the residents here smoked pot at least once in their stay in IUB.
    a. If you lose the bet, you will compensate with actual cash.
  5. Although most of us shower like most capitalists, some of us don’t support hair shampoo.
  6. LGBT-friendly. (Officially, at least.)
  7. Truth, beauty, freedom, love.
  8. Etc. E.g. “Hogwarts Week Fall ’08.”

F) Why Hogwarts?

  • Why don’t you do a Google search or come see for yourself? 😀

G) OfMontreal is in my good books. And so is Radiohead.

H) Pandora has the smartest radio ever. Not only does it kick Deezer’s ass at least twice, it can only be accessed in God bless Amedika, hah!

I) Ayam very excite about arriving in LONDON in less than twenty two fucking days, w00t!

J) I really should describe Disney some time before I forget what’s it like to be an adult-like child.

K) It’s raining snow here right now. I’m surprised that not enough people wore their Eskimo suits and popped out umbrellas on the streets, like I did.

L) I wonder why I don’t blog more often. There are many sexciting people around here to talk about.

M) Oh right, I have a 10-page thesis due next Monday based on a 350-page novel I have yet to read, and a 20-page short fiction to revise by the end of this week!

Crap, and a 3-page for my Capoeira final presentation.

I probably need to catch up with at least 10 of my readings as well.

And one fucking French chapter worth of homework.


I told you I have a Ph.D in Procrastination.


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