Highlights and lowlights

An extremely brief summary of how I’m feeling since I’ve last updated.

1. 0015, Nov. 5th, 2008: I semi-led a screaming mob from Collins –> IU Auditorium fountain –> Kirkwood –> past Trojan Horse (restaurant), in the name of Obama. Met his puppet/effigy somewhere towards the end of my journey.

It’s interesting how you can make new friends by having a common enemy.

And I am annoyed at the guy who took all the credits of leading the mob, without a mention of my original idea whatsoever. Whatever.

2. I salsa danced the last two-three weekends in a row.

On Halloween Night, I attended the Rocky Horror Picture (disappointingly not-so-live) Show in Buskirk-Chumley Theater. Nine fucking bucks for mediocre voiceovers and terribly limited acting from the Cardinal Theater Group.

Then again, I received a coupon for one large Pizza Express (worth $5? $6? $7??). Because I won the Orgasm Contest.

I don’t really want to elaborate on it because I sacrificed my laundry basket so that I could be a fucking Duracell Bunny (but wearing the goddamned basket is too clumsy for me to sit or run with. Fun.).

Oh, and nobody remembered the Duracell Bunny. Even with my fucking handmade golden cymbals. Apparently the Energizer Bunny didn’t need fucking shades and drum sets to be venerated by Americans.

So I was remembered as either the Energizer Bunny or Slutty Bunny (because I wore mostly only fucking Victoria Secrets, thinking that I needn’t part with my battery suit of a laundry basket).

4. I am still quite annoyed with someone who bailed on me tonight because of retarded text-communication.

5. I updated honestlydead.

6. I need to study for tomorrow’s French test. Mia prolly expected me seven minutes ago.

There goes my phone.

I can’t believe we’re approaching the last chapter already.

À bientôt.


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  1. Rad! =)

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