From the refuge

I walk to class from my dorm at a quarter to eight each morning. I’d wish to be drowsy with leftover dreams from three floors above as I hurry past the nightmare on 9th and Park. And the other horror somewhere nearby. I don’t know if he still lives there.

Of course, that never happens in real life. Nightmares do what they do best in your waking life; they keep you awake with unwanted memories.

French classes and Amye are the only things that keep me sane right now. Dating was a terrible idea after all.

On a side note, pardon my lack of responses and updates in any of the blogs. I have been taking refuge beneath my blanket with my 15-year-old pillow. But in case you’d like to know more about what’s been going on here in school, do visit the RPS Photoblog (with your soon-to-be-varsity-kids/siblings/friends)!

Yeah, it’s part of my job.


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