Backdating Fourteen IV

Up till today:

1. Happy people are lazy to write.

2. The only edible things in the campus food courts are shrimps, Tacos, sandwiches, and salad.

It is still a mystery as to why Chinese food is still served.

3. Went to the very first American football game two weekends ago. Decided that if it wasn’t for the body slams, it would have been a pretty nancy game with lots of breaks and Kevlar shields. It was Indiana University Bloomington (Hoosier team) vs. Indiana State University (Sycamore team). For pictorial evidence, kindly stalk my Facebook.

Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #1: Who are we fighting against?
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #2: The Sycamores, man.
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #1: Wait, isn’t sycamore a tree?
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #2: What? Their mascot’s a tree? Hahahaha.
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #1: (down towards the stadium + everyone else) Hey, their mascot‘s a fucking tree!
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #2: Fuck trees! Your mascot’s a fucking tree!
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #1: Yeah, fuck trees!
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #2: Fucking tree huggers!
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #1: Fucking hippies!
Boyfriend’s drunken floor mate #2: Fuck trees, man, fuck trees!

Needless to say, the rest of us who heard the drunken jolly cries were busy rofl-ing and joining in.

And Hoosier pwn3d by 50 something to 7 (the tree’s lonely goal).

4. Smirnoff is very nice. 😀

If you say it’s a girlie drink, you’re just too pussy to admit that you have 10 bottles of it in your fridge.

5. You cannot trust a Singaporean party to be that stereotypical bak kut teh dinner and orange juice with 20 business students anymore.

You may never know if a friendly lost soul would wander in to ask to join, and 1 minute after the invitation, a bus load of 20-30 gatecrashers would just saunter in from the neighboring bushes, and then your 3 hosts reveal that they’ve got a few crates of beer and a water cooler worth of Electric Lemonade, all waiting to arouse your senses.

Not to mention a DJ of the night too, who also happens to be a friend who is DJ-ing for the party for free tips and experience.

6. The weather in Indiana can’t make up its mind. For a few days, I wore a hoodie, took it off 3 hours later, and put it back on 6 hours after that.


2 responses to “Backdating Fourteen IV

  1. Your mascots a fuckin tree!

  2. ‘1. Happy people are lazy to write.’
    applies to busy people as well.. well they might not be happy, but too busy to write :p

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