Backdating Fourteen II

25th of August, an American Saturday

Welcome indeed !

Textbooks !

Unicycle !

Single puff !

The meaning of a Malaysian gathering !

On the verge of having an unhealthy fascination for trees and clouds !

Wide-eyed wonder

ManyA piece, thank you

And look at what I found after the BBQ lunch, on my way back to my dorm…

But wait, they’re not going to fight !

Off they went to the party next residence hall to recruit more fans/participants !


It’s a cookout !


Never underestimate the power of foooooooooooood.

And our missionaries are back….

…quite dead !


New challengers !


ROAR, he went !

I guess the helmet hair wig helmet hair was useless !

Game over !

For those who think there are no hot chicks around !


Blondie !


Ass grabbing and lone singer !


A new round !

Ding ding ding ! Mexico vs. Africa ! (I think !)

You can imagine what happened in the end !

And the Asian attacks…


…in the wrong way !


Sunbathing !


IUB Smackdown !

Showdown with Singapore-Alaska ! Mexico seemed to be die hard !

Pwn3d !


I really ought to start cam-recording soon. Too many events to share and too few shots to tell all. Anyway, after all that violence, comes a new form of violence, mainly…


…1/2 Singaporean, 1/2 Alaskan, 1/8 Swedish, 1/2…


…Hong Kong, Korea, China, Khazakstan, Borat…(I forgot. And please don’t mind the lousy shutter)


A WiiD moment !


WiiN !



Basically we were all in this pretty hot Singaporean’s house having fantastic local dishes for dinner, and she is stuck with her mom for an infinite amount of time due to the non-existence of a plane ticket.


No real complaints there because the latter cooks wicked laksa (which the Singaporeans found to be spicy yet I do not, which is weird, if you know me) and has played Wii so much that she found it boring because she kept winning all the time.


How nice if all moms were like that.



The mum in green. Hanging out. Photo courtesy of the Wiiner Scott Burden


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