Backdating Fourteen I

23rd of August, an American Thursday

What’s going on?

 Where is the bus?

(Note: The above were taken in the morning and the below were taken in the afternoon)


 Cultural Fest 2007 ! (Read: Fooooooooooooooooood.)



The reason(s) why I didn’t take better +/more photos of the festival: Was dragged to TGI Friday’s (Where the meat was just fucking A ^^. I swear, it was the best American meal I had up to date!)


3 responses to “Backdating Fourteen I

  1. Hahahaha!

    How are you doing?


    bodicea: I’m doing great!!!!!! 😀

    Too great until I reaaaally need to start my homework soon. 😛

  2. who who who dragged u? :p

    bodicea: The guy on the right. 😛

    And the rest, of course.

  3. The guy on the right in the last picture looks like he could be cute 😀

    bodicea: He is. 😛

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