Ni hao

Just before the city tour, courtesy of Bloomington International Student Ministries and Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

China enters the van as her friends cheered.
China: Hai~~~~~~ What’s your name?
Bombay: Hi, (something something) ni hao*.
Everyone Else: (silence)
China: Wow, you speak Mandarin!
Bombay: No, that’s my name. Neha.

*ni hao [Mandarin]:

  1. (literally) You good.
  2. (greeting) Good day/How are you/How do you do

3 responses to “Ni hao

  1. Haha!


    How are you coping babe?

  2. Indians tend to carry funny names.

    I have a friend whose name is Karam Singh (Karam=sinking when he’s already sink) and Rundeep (run-deep)

  3. I want more blog entries!

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