Lone buildings, falling leaves, and the red series

On the 15th and 16th of August, American time !

The only red(s) !

Law breaker of Bloomington !

Don’t enter the tree !

Guess how many stop signs are there in the parking lot !

Achtung duo wheels !

Here comes the sun !

Lonely lonely by the street !

First signs of fall !

The Japanese chef who asked me if I had a boyfriend or not, after I asked him to make a fire so I can take a photo

Stuffed !



The parents and I went shopping in the next town of Edinburgh, Indiana for winter clothing. Transportation via a Jaguar (worth USD 8,000, apparently) provided by a very hospitable Singaporean of my age, whom my parents thought to be guaranteed with nothing less than responsibility, until we sat in his car.

On obtaining the sacred goods of Aeropostle, Clarks, and Guess at half the Malaysian price in factory outlet stores,

The Guess models

I’m still reveling in the novelty of wearing a pair of Guess track pants to sleep, just because my mum said so.

On my blanket

Me: I now wear Guess to sleep
Malaysian Friend: @#$#%^$#@$%$^%^%$ GUESSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Me: /me pats lots

Hours later, a couple of friends drove my parents and I back to their hotel. Their flight was due at five the next morning. Until that very moment, it never occurred to me how dysfunctional my family was when my dad barely bade goodbye out of habit and I didn’t remember if I hugged my mum back.

She gave me the tightest hug ever.

Nostalgia hit me at its worst when I eventually got back to my new and permanent dorm, realizing that all I was familiar with had just left.

Yet, I wasn’t homesick. The only things I missed were the food and the prices.

Four nights later, dad called.

Only to ask me why I got a late payment fee in my Bursar bill.


A part of me wonders if I should let them read my blogs. This one, at least.


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