Ice-cream dinner

(Edited; 14th Aug 2007)

So. At 8:30 am, there was an obligatory English Placement Test, so terribly easy that it goes to show how much the university distrusts the education of its international students.

Either that or Americans are easily impressed.

I made the mistake of writing a full draft in scratch paper. Had only 10 minutes to copy half of it in the answer sheet in pen. I hope they’ll be kind enough to read my scratch paper. đŸ˜¦

Met a Kazakhstan (She likes Borat!). Her side profile reminded me of Rachel McAdams.

Lunch at the International Center. Vege day. Bank promotions. Free Hershey’s Dark Chocolates. Hummus somehow tastes like tuna.

I love their soft chocolate chip cookies so much I’m gonna get fat.

And S, my newfound Norwegian friend, just told N, Na from Delhi, and I that she’s gonna force feed us with Taco Bell and chocolate cookie dough tomorrow.

To buy list:
1. Weighing scale
2. Bath robe

To do list:
1. Find gym

TB testing. The curve of my arm is still sore. The weather was still so fucking hot that whomever decided to leave the air-conditioned Health Center would have been back in 5 minutes from heat stroke. Bloominton is to microwave like Malaysia is to steamboat.

And finally, the Ice Cream Social! Imagine hopping from one table filled with vanilla and chocolate ice-cream to a table filled with classic toppings of nuts, strawberries, jam, chocolate sauce, whip cream, and cherries…

…only to go to the table at the other end with the same drool-worthy fillings!

Four or five lemonade stands. Stands of recruitment drive for international clubs (I think the Malaysian Society had too few students to even have a stand). Unlimited ice-cream. Three trays of homemade soft cookies. Hundreds of students from India, China, Korea, Pakistan, India, Bolivia, Honduras, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan and a gazillion more.

Oh, and Malaysia! I was the only one there today!

So far, nobody here has asked me what or where Malaysia is. I’m quite disappointed.

I’m definitely promoting the incredibly note-worthy jazz band in the background which happens to perform regularly a few streets down!

All under one roof. The huge white tent held a Commonwealth meeting.

And fuck. I should have charged my camera batteries last nighttttttttttttttttttttttttt! Canon had delighted me alwayssssssssssssss! It was a Power Shot. đŸ˜¦

Instead of practicing the unhealthy Malaysian habit of staying up past one onlineeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So no photos of the orientation today, especially of the awesome (i.e: free) Ice-Cream Social.

S just told me that during the Welcome Week on the 18th to the 22nd (or something), sunburned locals will be back, alcohol will be flowing, and the police of neighboring districts will be doing a Bloomington Special for patrol.

She mentioned legal age folks doing the mandatory after-party sprawl across the lawns so I shall remember to charge my camera batteries the night before.

I saw this white guy making eye-contact with me. Didn’t seem available anyway.

Actually, that has been my mantra ever since I got here in Bushland. That all good-lookers are taken. So to have room for pleasant suprises.

The Chinese here thinks I’m Korean. Back at the Ice-Cream Social, the Korean Association handed me a registration form. Just before my parents left for Disneyland, Dad admitted that there might be some trace of Korean in his ancestral line, though his mom disagreed.

Neither did his wife think so. Jealousy had never been greener.

I’ve OD-ed on ice-cream and fallen head over heels.


I’m getting my Campus Access Card (i.e. school ID) tomorrow, which only means free bus rides and gym admission. Let’s see how ugly the photo will get.


Last Friday.

Me: I’m so fungry.
Black Female Server: Hi, what can I get you?
China Dude: (runs to the counter, overtaking Black Female Server) Lemme get it, lemme get it!
All Servers: (smile) Arrr.
China Dude: Yes, arr.
Me: o_O


One response to “Ice-cream dinner

  1. tacos. solid ice cream. cute guys. you’re almost in heaven.

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