What happened

9th of August !

Funky bus conductor !

There’s something about the ‘Open’ sign

They don’t want you to just eat

“I believe that people eat when they’re happy,” said Mr. Linderman

At the point where dying from gluttony seems likely

The usual winner !

Goooooo Pizza !

*cue: Captain Planet theme song*

That which makes one lazier!

I still have yet to see a ticket on those cars !

Current lodging !

Wall art !

Middle of nowhere (in front of a residence hall) !




10th of August!

Smiley(s) !

Note to self: Do not trust Portrait setting anymore.

What most young and hot-blooded locals(?) look like (except taller)

Quarantine !

Push it !

South African Korean in motion !

The kiasu winning smile !

Ken Barbie before possible grown up ugliness !

Falling oddity !

Convenient indeed !


Was on the stairs approaching ground floor in the residence hall a bit noisily (thanks to sandals) and nearing the computer room, to notice a black dude (and friend) leaning frontwards to look who’s coming, make a double take, and go “Da-yum” to his friend, before rushing out to make small talk.

Henceforth, I shall cease to wear trousers which hem ends above knee length.


11th of August!

The cordon bleu of Chocolate, which I shall have for tea tomorrow

For the fat physically challenged : )

Got diet?

Total Prevalence of Diabetes in the United States, All Ages, 2005

Total: 20.8 million people—7 percent of the population—have diabetes.

Source: National Diabetes Statistics


Met the president of the local Malaysian association this morning. He’s currently pursuing a Master (or was it a Ph.D?) in Psychology. Lovely fellow who renewed a sense of patriotism within me with fresh nasi lemak (for breakfast), courtesy of his wife. He drove us round to Target, Krogers, and lunch at another Malaysian family’s apartment.

“The stop signs here are important. As powerful as the traffic light, tau. In Malaysia, kan stop signs kite langgar saje? But here you cannot. Must stop.”

For the first time, I felt embarrassed to note that a Malaysian can’t park a car.


4 responses to “What happened

  1. OMG, I just wanna drink one of those Godivas, man! It’s been awhile.

  2. Godivas! WTF … 😛

    I hope you’re doing fine there babe.


    Off topic; text me your number when you have it, ayt?

  3. compared to honestly dead, this blog is like a rainbow! good investment that camera phone

    love that wall art!

    (April 12th, 2008) bodicea:
    What camera phone?

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