Epilogue of the first nine

It’s nearly seven p.m. and the sky looks like five o’ clock. Have I mentioned how insanely cute the babies here are?

(pics are currently in the kiasu‘s Olympus. Explanation in next post. To be updated.)

Maybe it’s because most of them are Caucasians, but seriously, with due respect, they’re the only kind of pets or dolls I would like to call my own.

On a less familial note, the 12 hour difference between Indiana and Malaysia has resulted in interactions with the rare night owls and early birds of the online world. Interestingly, the only time I miss home was when the realization that I’ll be all by myself once my parents are back from Disneyland and gone, sink in.

For 2 minutes.

Before I went and bought an awesome Jimmy John‘s sandwich ($4.25! I think! I dunno! I threw the receipt away!) which was served within less than one or two minutes. No, it wasn’t microwaved.

And I love the candy prices here (Hershey’s are everywhere in any form! Some for $1 or less!), so I’m prolly gonna have to get my decay density checked next May.

Medical prices here are insane. Just $100 for consultation, sans medication.

One reason to fly back to Bodoland.

Actually, two reasons: I need my cha kuay teow and wanton noodles. And Sarawak noodles. And bandung. And.

You get the idea.

But otherwise, seems to me that I’ll love the place. Especially once the locals get back from the sunburns.

Maybe I’m still in the honeymoon stage.

Apart from the token black people that I mentioned, I have not met particularly…interesting folks yet. Good lookers are abound though. But they’re usually tall. Like tall tall. Six feet and above tall. And I’m too intimidated to have a crush on any of them. Just yet.

I’ve been walking around, getting to know the place, and absorbing the scenery. Dad found out that, by far, Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) boasts of the most beautiful school landscape, which can rival that of Oxford and Cambridge. A campus city, it is indeed. More photos to come, once the weather here cools a bit more.

And since rumor has it that the terribly exciting events here are the likes of golf, bowling, and pool/snooker, it’s no wonder this campus is known to have party dorms. Namely those right across the street of my supposedly permanent residence.

It’s odd. Because there are quite a number of auditoriums and theaters and music arenas around.

Stomp is coming next February!

Welcome to Bloomington, Indiana, where the biggest crime is speeding and the cars have no number plates at the front.


“You won’t get a penalty for guessing, so you may guess. But I suggest you use that option wisely, because you may end up being scheduled to a course you’re not ready for.”

An exam supervisor on the available answering options for the Math Placement Test today (which showed me the amount of math I’ve given back to Ms. Ng in 2005).


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