Red Hot Indiana

Fuck. The heat wave isn’t a myth after all.

Pardon someone who thought there wasn’t anywhere semi-civilized hotter than Malaysia (in terms of heat. Period?).

90 degrees Fahrenheit; 38 degrees Celsius. Six days in a row now. As if there was an epidemic of high fever. Imagine living in a place hotter than your own body.

Mum has been coughing badly. I just got dandruff and the last shampoo I used came from the hotel room. Everywhere’s so hot that even the air-conditioning at CVS Pharmacy semi-broke down and the only place that’s remotely tolerable is their restrooms.

The cashier told my mum to sit in there for 5 minutes to regain some health.

CVS Pharmacy is so convenient that Mum noted the only things they don’t sell are probably pillows and mattresses.

More on shops. You know how Malaysia has that Hinode RM5 shop? Well, down here in Bloomington, we have a One Dollar Shop. It’s not even RM 4 after conversion and it sells everything from bowls to bags to dishwashing liquid. Maxi sizes too.


And in College Mall (which interior layout and design Dad suspected One Utama has borrowed), candy lovers shall proudly decay to hell!



Three and more but we were in a rush!

On the risk of a self-fulfilling prophecy, there’s this particular Cambodian who has been rather attentive to the traveling needs of my parents and I. Apart from offering me a jolly round of pool or two with his mates the night before, he has an awesome Honda (I think? Well, it’s worth 8k anyway, said he the very nice guy) which he has been using to give us tour guides ’round town since the day we met.

Which was just yesterday.

Let’s not use the forbidden word now, shall we?

Useful discovery of the day: The sign opposite the bus stop across the hotel.

Don’t you Malaysians just wish?

New phone. (Finally!) AT&T (who bought Cingular). Two year contract. A Nokia 6126 for $45 with very hygienic earphones (with cushions!) and 1GB worth of memory card!

The following brag-worthy benefits are limited within the cuntry (but of course):

1. Unlimited nationwide calling to AT&T‘s wireless customers – over 62 million.

i.e. Free calls to cell numbers of same mobile provider.

2. Unlimited text, picture, video, and instant messaging with anyone in the U.S.

i.e. Free everything else.

Quote unquote printed AT&T $59.98 calling plan (not including the 8% discount for IU students!).

HAH again.

And for the second first time ever, camwhores self-portraits!

Mum at China Buffet lunch

Good old Daddy-o

What you resort to in the name of Cheap Thrills

Don’t ask


Something something

Scenic old trees and buildings beauties coming soon!


5 responses to “Red Hot Indiana

  1. OMG, I have been reading your blog for sometime now, and I just read that you are in Indiana… guess what so am I :). Anyways, just wanted to welcome you to the state, hope you enjoy.

    bodicea: OMG, thanks!

  2. I see that you are just having a blast there. A whole new beginning right off the bat.

    Didn’t even get to say bye to you before you flew off but hey, it’s not like I would never see you again in the future, yeah?

    I love sweets as much as the next person but that is a lot of sweets to cast off a rocket ship! Seriously! Now I’m wondering what it’d be like when I go overseas to study.

    Glad that you’re having a blast there, babes. Drink loads of water (heat stroke is killer with the killer heat nowadays) and stay in touch šŸ˜‰

    bodicea: Yes, yes. Stay in touch indeed. Hope you stay safe from the dogs. Hugs lots.

  3. Something something is handsome!

    bodicea: Thank you!

  4. YEA! I can’t wait for pictures of old trees!

  5. wow. i’ve never seen you this happy before.
    i’m definitely stuck in the wrong place.

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