The Asian Milo

The Chinese food in (North) America isn’t all that bad. Especially the one down at East 3rd Street. One thing for sure is that you’re guaranteed imported food from China. At least, the cooks from China Buffet are.

A decent lunch buffet for $5.90. About $7 for dinner. Now that’s something those money-making bastards at the university won’t tell you.

I’ve been the obligatory escort for groccery shopping today. There was only so much I can speak in Mandarin before I could prevent my mum from buying the entire dry food, kitchen, and detergent section in this little Chinese store two doors down. The name’s Obo.

‘Mini mart’, as she would call it. ‘House-moving’, as I would sigh.

I’m not due in my permanent resident hall until the 22nd. The bed linens wouldn’t arrive before Monday the 13th. Orientation’s this Friday at its earliest.

And my parents has just bought me a rice cooker.

And thousands of herbs and sauces.

“You’ll miss homecooked food soon,” They said knowingly to my protest.

But every time they reached for porcelain cutlery, I had to remind them that they won’t be the ones lugging the 3 massive bulks of luggages around. Meh.

By the time we walked out of that groccery store, I got 2 job offers ready on the go and it’s only my 2nd day here.

“First the Chinese restaurant, now the Chinese store. They’d even provide you meals and let you work whenever you want. I just heard the son telling his mother that they should take you in. Said you looked like a good girl.”

Dad was amused.

“See, I told you that good looks will bring you luck with people,” Mum said with glee.

Say wha?

On a side note, look what I found…


In that Chinese groccery store on East 3rd Street

not from Malaysia after all.

Made in…?

Wikipedia says that Milo came from Down Under. Milo’s official website wasn’t working to verify that but Nestlé Ghana reaffirms the rumor!

And to think that Malaysia really can boleh…in something.

(Author’s Note: New photo for the Big Apple below.)


5 responses to “The Asian Milo

  1. i didn’t know that your parents followed you. how long are they going to be with you? [and i finally get how u feel in regard to ur last sms b4 u flew off. btw, can call your 012 there?]

    bodicea: Nope, you can’t. It’s not “quad-band”. Whatever that meant.

    I could give you my cell number though. MSN first la.

    Parents shall loom till the 18th. Or 19th. Depending on whether Mum took her medicine or not.

    I kid.

    Well, rumour has it that they’re flying off to NYC! Oh, the envy.

  2. Same old, same old. Keep blogging!
    Never ceases to make me laugh =p

    (Side note: There’s a family in the US who’s trying to avoid all ‘Made In China’ products; think it was the mum’s decision, for a year or so… Good luck to that=) )

    bodicea: Oh I so wanna meet the Mum and tell her that what she’s wearing was probably made by an underpaid illegal immigrant from China (no doubt).

  3. How was the place?


    bodicea: So far so good. : )

    How is Bodoland?

  4. Interesting and amusing. I like your journalling style. Slightly nostalgic thinking how similar it relates to my experience in UK for the first time. Will be back for more.

    bodicea: Yam seng!

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