Big Apple

(Edited; Monday 2033; Pictures below)

1. I just got my very first racist remark!

By the legendary token fat black janitor!

To her token black uniformed comrade!

Just because the brand new visitor waddled around on her spankingly newly mopped bathroom floor looking for toilet serviettes napkins/paper towels!

Oh, how her hard work’s down the New York City drain!


2. They were right about the Malaysian food. Especially about the wanton balls.

Chow Mein Noodles tastes exactly like noodles. Very brown. Very dry.

No wonder it was complementary.

3. Don’t rely on their maps. You’ll only get confused.

4. Their public phones are professional extortionists. You need to pay at least $1 to make a phone call and even though you get 5 decent minutes in return, you have to hang up before you can make the next call.

And we all know what that means.

5. Does anyone know why is the size of the penny bigger than the dime?

6. I had my first (and last in the entire JFK airport) Orangina in years. Because of someone.

The bold and beautiful

Poking old faithfuls


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