Hello! This is your friendly neighbourhood corpse! Yes, I know I spelled ‘neighborhood’ “WrOnGlY”!!!!!!!!!!111111 <333333333

Okay, maybe it’s a bit too early for that. Am currently only in Seoul and am writing this just in case I forget. I’m currently taking advantage of the Internet service of kickass speed here and there is a Korean TV squealing behind me, nothing less than the Hong Kong and Taiwanese channels of giggling game shows back in NTV7 and 8TV.

Perhaps it’s an Asian thing.

There is a menu right on the corner of this desk and the amount of zeros in the price list reminds me of Indonesia.

Mum has been trying to get me to camwhore in front of every scenic poster possible, even though I suspect Yahoo! Photos might be affiliated with Korean Air. I suppose it’s because the only place in South Korea we can visit is the airport.

All the flight attendants have been instructing me in Korean. I wonder what a New Yorker will say.

wheel chair-ed

Avid shopper in Seoul Incheon


6 responses to “Seoul

  1. Hey, how was the flight so far?


    bodicea: The Korean steam rice was on.

  2. I see you had this blog address well prepared in advance. Lol …

    bodicea: Lol, yes, yes. O: )

  3. 1st comment ever!!!! :p

    will this be a permanent move? or just a second blog?

    bodicea: Apparently not. πŸ˜›

    Well, just a second one. Audiences have been segmented.

  4. hello you .

    bodicea: Hello.

  5. whee~ i commented.

    korean-looking in korea, kam sa ha mi da [i wonder what tht means]. but sarang e yo~

    have fun in the states XD

    bodicea: It means ‘Thank you’.

  6. My my my…
    the ever fluttering butterfly spreads her wings,
    upon the winds of change does she rise,
    further and further towards the sky,
    towards new fields of nectar,
    fly little butterfly, fly.

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